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Can you use iPod Voice Commands?

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iPod voice commands have never worked in my car. They didn't work when I bought the car and ICTP was running 17C and they haven't worked either since the dealer update it to 18C (they were supposed to have been fixed with the 18B update by the way). I can say "iPod" and the system will respond with "say an apple device command." However, no matter what I say next (for example: play playlist disco, play artist Donna Summer, play track seven, play song on the radio) the system will respond "requested media not available."

I'm asking because I took my car in for service yesterday and the loaner I got is running 18D update and the iPod commands don't work in that car either.

I know its not my iPod because I had an Evoque loaner running 17C when they did the 18C update to my car and iPod commands worked perfectly ok on that car. I also know it's not my iPod because I left the iPod I keep in my car with it yesterday so the dealer could test and I'm using a different one with this loaner.

Can any of you confirm that you can use iPod voice commands with your ICTP system? and if possible, which update are you running?


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