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Can You Display Oil Temp Coolant Temp, Trans Temp etc...

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Good evening... Interested to know if there is a way to display fluid temps and pressures on 2010 RRS SC. I have searched to no avail. I will admit quantity of research time does not equate to quality of results. In otherwords, I am terrible at finding results or they do not exist... Either way, feel free to respond with the "google is a wonderful thing" or "did you try searching the forums" comments. At least I'll know you read this far! `)

Seriously, I've searched & searched with no luck.... Sincere appreciation to those who can assist....
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If you get an after market OBD II reader like Scan Gauge you might/might not be able to do what you want but only if the information does actually exist in the LR system - eg tfr case temp is there but not sure of gearbox temps.
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