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Can i fit a JFC102550 HEVAC unit to my '98 P38

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Hi folks,

I got down a used HEVAC unit from ebay (US) which has the latest part no JFC102550. My old pn is AWR 5051. I plugged it in and works like a charm. But i'm unable to communicate with it from my Faultmate. It gives an invalid data read error or something.

I'm unable to ask this at BBS as their site is down for some reason. Is there any reason why i can't get the diagnostic to work?

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BBS is afraid that you will go into business for yourself with a single user Faultmate. The units are locked to each individual control module. Since the identification for your HVAC has changed you may have to do another scan of you rig and send the results to BBS for a new TUP code to be able to read your new HVAC module.
Thanks Buddy,

Thanks for the info. The vehicle scan gives the same result as my original scan. That's what gives me the trouble. But it functions normally without any issues.

BTW all of Cyprus is offline i guess, b'cos of the recent storm. I called up on BBS and they told me that all internet access has been cut off due the storms :(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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