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Hi guys,

I've just bought a 2012 Westminster 4.4 which I had to have as it was in really good condition with low miles.

The problem is that is doesn't have a lot of options that I would like to fit ideally.

Can any of the following options be bought/fitted after-market, either DIY or through a dealer?

  1. Automatic High Beam Assist
  2. Adaptive Cruise Control (with distance)
  3. Surround Camera
  4. Adaptive Headlights
  5. Blind spot warning
I know they're all probably a lot of work, but want to know if it's possible or been done before? Any ideas?

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The smart thing to do would be to sell it and buy one with the options you want. The days of bolting on bits and pieces has been long gone for ages. The complexity of the integrated systems and programming involved would turn this into a never ending project.

You would spend thousands buying cameras, harnesses, modules, sensors, mounts and all the miscellaneous smalls associated with each option. From there you would need either diagnostic gear to "program"/activate anything needed or time with a dealer. You also have to think about the space to disassemble full sections of your Rover to install and change out the different parts.
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