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Camshaft sensor replacement ERR2261 NLA

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I need to replace my camshaftsensor on my ‘96 4.6.
Modelyear ‘95 and ‘96 need partnumber ERR2261, from ‘97 it is ERR6169. As far as I can tell the only difference is the connector. Left the ERR2261 and right the ERR6169.

ERR2261 has the Sumitomo hm 090 connector 3pin, available through Ebay and AliExpress. ERR6169 has the Econoseal Jmark II. Problem is that ERR2261 is no longer available and was renamed NSC500610. ERR6169 is widely available though but has a different connector to it. To either solder a correct connector to the ERR6169 or make an adaptor, one needs to know what color of leads need to be connected.

In Rave you will find the circuit diagrams, faceview of the connector and the location. In the circuit diagram the color of the leads are indicated by letters which indicate the color. The sensor is connected to the harness through connector #C530.

What I understand from the diagram is that 3 leads are connected to the sensor, color B, R and S meaning black, red and grey. After connector 530 the color of the leads changes to NO, SU and RB meaning brown/orange, grey/blue and red/black. That corresponds with the connector in my car.

In reality the leads from the sensor are RB, SB and B. As you can see from my original sensor and a 2nd hand sensor I had laying around, they are identical.
The circuit diagram is somewhat confusing in this way.

Therefor I cannot figure out which lead goes to what position in the connector as shown in the faceview in Rave. Obviously the middle one will go in the middle on #2 but the colors of the remaining 2 leads are confusing and totally different on each new sensor. There is red, blue, black, green and brown to name a few.

Since I have the Sumitomo connector on the car’s harness I cannot see how the leads and their colors are located in the later Econoseal connector of a harness from modelyear ‘97.

So the question now is: has anyone got a picture at hand from the econoseal connector attached to the harness of a ‘97 petrol engine? This connector is very inconveniently located, very difficult to get to and almost impossible to take a picture from. But any knowledge that you can share is welcome.
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Ask the supplier which colours are 12v supply & ground. The other one (usually the middle) is the sensor output.
But any knowledge that you can share is welcome.
Well, you’ve certainly done some research and I commend you for it. I do wish, however, that I could help you. I assume the NSC500610 supersession item is NLA as well.

You have provided some good info about the connectors. I never knew what they were called.
Don't they just go pin for pin? Looking at the face view of the two connectors, the wires are laid out the same, it is just the fact that on one it is numbered left to right while the other is numbered right to left.
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