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I have posted various messages here previously about my issue but still struggling to find a cure. I have intsalled a bespoke cctv system into my 2010 sport. I have the front camera mounted on the rear view mirror and the rear camera in the rear spoiler, the opposite side of the rear parking camera. The wires for the rear camera are running through the rubber boot and down the near side (UK) rear quarter and then along the floor underneath the rear seat where the DVR is now situated. I originally had the DVR behind the right hand side rear quarter panel where the inspection lid is. I moved it as a process of elimination to see if it was the camera or the DVR causing the interference on the DAB radio/TV and the central locking system.
I have pinned it down to the rear camera. Can anyone explain, what is causing the interference from the camera nd how to cure it. The cabling is screened and also has ferrites at the camera end. The cable is about 12 inches from the sharks fin on the roof. I cant see where the cabling for the cars sharks fin is located. The camera cable has attached an extension cable to the DVR. These are by RCA connections.
Could the camera be at fault?
Could it be the camera cabling?
Could it be where the camera cable is connected to the extension cable. which is tucked inside the rear spoiler.?
The cars TV aerials are on the front windscreen. This is an aftermarket system installed and not Land Rover. The cabling to the rear camera is nowhere near the aerials for the tv so i am pinpointing this to the rear camera.
As the car's fitted rear parking camera is situated in the same vicinity as my fitted camera, what do landrover use as cabling for their camera.
Any help and advice, no matter how small is appreciated.
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