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Camera and Audio question from a newbie!

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Hello all,

I have recently purchased a 2011 Range Rover Sport with the 3.0 Diesel engine. Took me a while to understand what these cars were all about. After much reading and study I finally got it and wanted one. My wife had been driving my X5 which I purchased last year as a daily driver.... meaning I was stuck driving her Golf. Fine car, but not interesting enough for me. So I traded it on a Fuji white Range Rover Sport, which I really like so far.

So I have a whole bunch of questions, but I'll limit them to start with. My particular car didn't come with a reversing camera. I guess it was an option that the original owner didn't spec. Can you purchase the Camera and just install it? Will it work with the head unit?

The next question is about the Audio system. In this instance it's possible I'm spoiled as my other two vehicles have high end audio systems (2010 X5 and a 2009 Aston Martin DB9). The system in the Range Rover is a Harmon Kardon, which I expected to provide great sound..... It doesn't! Clearly I have the bottom of the range system in mine, matter of fact I think I have the bottom of the range vehicle. Is there a well known upgrade route? What have others done to improve the system and sound quality? Thanks for the anticipated help.
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