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Here is our email communications. What a bunch of clowns. Am I being an ass here? Or do I have the right ....

----- Original Message -----

From: CM

To: @calchrome.com ; @calchrome.com

Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 12:04 PM

Subject: Range Rover Stormer 22" Replica Wheels

I wanted to send an email to recap our conversations. I received 4 wheels, 4 TPMS sensors, and 3 center caps in my order from you. I am missing one center cap and one of the wheels in damaged beyond safe use. I am attaching the photos of this wheel for your review. Per our conversation on 8/27/09, you stated that you would ship a replacement wheel, 1 center cap, and a UPS call tag on Friday 8/28/09. I gave you authorization to put a hold on my credit card for the cost of one wheel in case you do not receive the damaged wheel back. Once I receive the new wheel, I will pack the damaged wheel in the box and send it back to you with the supplied call tag. I will ship the damaged wheel within 24 hours of getting the replacement wheel. You do have my authorization to charge my card if the damaged wheel is not received within 10 business days after the replacement arrives. Thank you for your prompt attention in addressing this issue.

The original sale (8/19/2009) was for the following:
4 Stormer 2 22” Wheels with black inserts
4 Center Caps
4 TPMS sensors

Total : $1595

Credit Card Transaction:
Merchant Information
661-2940170,CA 91355

Country Code
US - United States

Original Acct # ************0500
Transaction Date 08/19/2009
Posted On 08/21/2009
Transaction Type Purchase
Amount $1,595.00
Currency US Dollar (USD)

Reference Number

MCC Description

__________ NOD32 4378 (20090828) Information __________

This message was checked by NOD32 antivirus system.

On 8/28/09 3:46 PM, "California Chrome Wheel Inc." <@calchrome.com> wrote:

Mr ,

Thank you for the info. We contacted UPS to set up a damage claim pick up and MR. Miller from the Firestone store will have it ready for UPS. Our shipping dept is backed up and we will do the best we can to expedite this order.

Thank You,

California Chrome Wheel Inc.
http://www.calchrome.com <http://www.calchrome.com>
Tel. [661] 294-0170
Fax. [661] 294-0104

What does “our best” mean? I need a date since the one you gave me yesterday seems to not be good now. What are my options for canceling the entire order, other than disputing the credit card charges ...which would not be hard considering I work for the company who issued the card. I am bit concerned about the quality if the wheel would crack from shipping damage. Something to me just does not add up here .... I hope I am wrong. I am not trying to rip you off for 1 wheel. I even said you can authorize the card to protect yourself. You can’t tell me you are too busy to throw a sticker on one wheel to ship it. Please give me a date, or I will just call the bank. I am not a rude person, I just want what I paid for and was promised. Please fix this.


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I have a buddy that lives near Valencia. I may just offer to send him by to pick it up and ship it .. They also mentioned yesterday that they had 2 sets of these wheels in stock which they don't like to break up ... I told him that was not my problem. He said they always keep some on hand for the dealers who order in volume? I am sooo pissed .. why did I not just spend an extra $200 and get them from a company that I found alot of good feedback on.

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So ... they have shipped a replacement wheel. My question. When a 22x10" wheel is mounted, should the wheel edge stick out past the sidewall of the tire? The tire size is 285/35/22 . They did balance perfectly.
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