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Hi All,

Before anybody says anything, I have indeed already read the information on the rr.net page about this topic. My question, however, involves a LHD vehicle. I was hoping to run some cables through the firewall on the passenger side of the vehicle. I wanted to know how accessible a point might be that doesn't require me to take apart my entire dash. Ideally, I'd like to remove just the panel at the back (or front, depending on your perspective) of the passenger footwell. That gives me access to a small portion of what seems to be the firewall. Does anybody know where this may lead me?

Does anybody have any other methods that they have used? I just don't think I have time to take apart my whole dash, nor do I think I'll be able to reassemble it all without screwing something up along the way.



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I have just added aux driving lights cable, and split charge cable;
this is what i did- remove battery cable(s)
2. remove or move fuse box
3. remove rad expansion tank
4. carefully peel back padding from fire wall just behind the expansion tank
5. locate the main harness -egress via the stout rubber crommet.
6.depending how large your cables are - push sharp needle type object through crommet (next to the protruding sleeve)
7.this can be a real b^^t to do - you can pull the crommet out - (replace with a squirt of wash up liquid) to help lub.

Inside you will have to remove lower 'kick' panel - watch out for OBD11 and curtesy light hook ups
remove the lower side panel (with the fuel inertia swith access)
remove the black carpet 'nut' and pull down carpet
you will see the crommet (if removed -daylight) - proceed with instal
good luck
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