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Bypass system to run EAS compressor

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On the female end of the EAS ECU what 2 pins would I use if I wanted to run 2 long wires from the compressor to the female end of the EAS ECu connector?
So basically I am trying to find out what 2 pins will provide a constant 12 volts so I can connect them directly to the positive and negative of the compressor to get it to run.

Thank you for your help!
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the ECU harness does not power the compressor directly, and you don't want to do it that way. the wiring will not handle it.

If you put a jumper from pin 1 to 8, and turn on the ignition, that will energize the compressor relay and run the comrpessor. you can also pull the relay (#20 in the engine bay fuse box) and jumper pin 1 to 5 to bypass the relay. use 10 or 12 gage wire, you'll melt anything smaller.

I have tried pin 1 and 8 as well as jumping from the relay. The compressor won't run. However, I have connected the compressor to a battery and it fired right up.
Any thoughts?

Dennis gave you all the info about which pins of the relais are feeding the compressor.

Now you have tried this and it doesn't work it is time to get a voltage tester and check if you have any power on the terminals before you jump anything. There are also fuses in the system to protect it. Did you check those?

If you want to work on the car by yourself you need to be able to think straight and work according to the rules of trouble shooting. Check, check again and eliminate. You could have a wiring problem or bad earth. Try supplying only positive terminal with 12 VDC directly if it doesn't work check your earth cable and connections.

Good luck and best regards

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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