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buying my leased car with previous engine out repair

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My 2016 Range Rover TD6 with 33k miles is approaching the end of a 3 yr lease, with a residual buy out cost about $5,000 below market. I am considering having the dealer CPO it and then buy it, which would allow me to drive it another 3 years under warranty. The catch? During my ownership it developed an oil leak that required an engine-out gasket replacement. It's fine now. Would that discourage you from buying it, even at that savings? Interested in opinions.
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How many miles on it since the gasket repair? If you like the vehicle and you are getting another three years of warranty through their CPO program, I'd have no problem with the purchase. I'm a RR newbie but in my experience, a gasket replacement doesn't seem to be a big deal.
Wouldn't stop me from purchasing. If I liked the rig, which I very much liked the diesels when they first came out, I would go for it.

Something to remember though... the CPO program is UP TO three years. The CPO warranty is managed by a third party because LR only handles the original factory warranty. It is up to the dealer to decide if an individual rig gets all three years of extended CPO coverage. It's a minor catch to the program. It also depends on how good of a relationship the dealer has with the warranty companies.

As the repair was done under warranty by the dealer I can't see that holding up not getting all three years. With your ownership history they most likely won;t even flinch. I would just verify when the time comes to be on the safe side.
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