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Hey guys,

So I've finally decided to upgrade my car, and i've yearned for the SVR for quite a while. I'm currently looking into them, and I wanted some feedback on them. I live in the united Arab emirates, and im looking into the 2018 or later model years.
  1. Brand new or used
  2. Imported spec or GCC (imported have 3 years warranty, compared to the five year gcc spec ones)
  3. Are pixel laser headlights worth it?
  4. Major issues of ownership
  5. Minor issues of ownership
  6. Any special care required when handling X or Y items
  7. Best parts about the ownership
  8. Experience post warranty period
  9. Average cost of ownership
  10. Sliding panoramic or fixed roof option
  11. Is PPF required for the hood (stone chip damage for the carbon fiber hood)
Any and all feedback and advice will be useful, this is my first big purchase, and id really love to get some opinions on this matter. Thank you all
1 - 2 of 2 Posts