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I have my eye on a 2000 RR P38 4.0L SE. It has four issues that I can see:

1 - valve cover gaskets need tightened or replaced - if I have to replace no problem as I have an extra set from my current RRC project.

2 - SRS light is on - I'm going to see if it's the harness under the seat (- or does that only apply to the newer models with side airbags?). I think I may be able to resolve this one but if not I'll take it to a local indy.

3 - soft brakes when cool - PO says they get more firm as the vehicle warms up.

4 - traction control/abs error - PO said that an indy who is very familiar with LRs looked at it and said it was not a huge error (what?!?!?!). I am thinking maybe the accumulator has something to do with 3 & 4? I realize that the trac control and abs are the same system - and I can also check the speed sensor mountings to make sure they are pushed in - would that throw this error? I'm going to look at it again Monday, and can do the accumulator pump test (pump the brakes, see how long the pump runs, etc.).

Any hints on what to look for would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to the new experience, but will retain my 87 RRC with non of these fun gadgets.
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