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buying a p38 diesel

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Hi All I am new to this board and at the moment I am looking to buy my first Range rover, a diesel automatic with a budget of £6000. How do I tell the trim specs and is any model worth looking out for. I am trading up from a 300tdi discovery so hoping this is a wise move. Regards Dean
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Buy past MY99

Good luck
Is that for the better spec or more reliable? Did you buy yours because of this. Thanks
The post '99 thing isn't as big a deal on the diesels as it is on the petrols(V8s got an all bosch management system in '99 whereas diesels were always bosch).

There were three specs; DT, DSE and DHSE. The DHSEs were only available after 2000 and have additional goodies such as memory seats and sat nav.
DTs tend to be poverty spec with no leather, no air con etc.
My DSE was a December '97 model and had leather, air con, four electric windows, cruise control and heated front and rear screens. It DID NOT have electric/memory seats, steering wheel controls for the stereo or premium audio with the subwoofer.
I'd say buy a DSE (or a DHSE if one come along).
£6k should get you a nice late model. Lower mileage might be harder to find.

Mechanically, the diesel RR didn't really change form 1994 to 2002. There is lots of info on here if you look for it but typically the alternator and battery may be heading toward the end of their life, look out for replacement radiators or cooling issues because if the diesel has overheated then its likely to crack the head (recon heads cost £1k), brake accumulators can go (easy replacement) and there are lots of rubber components in the suspension so they will degrade over time (even if mileage is low) - new springs and a full set of rebuild parts can be had for £3-400.

Chipped diesels will be quicker (and possibly more economical) but those chips may lead to overheating problems.

Updating your profile with a location will also help you.

Good luck.

PS. This might be worth a look.
http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/ ... &logcode=p
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Thanks for the reply and the link. just what i needed.
I would go for a late 2000/2001 DSE model. The four wheel traction control on the later models is worth having. I also prefer an auto box but you will find it is pretty gutless unless it is chipped.
Lots of cheap secondhand spares on Ebay - a lot of cars are hitting the breakers.
Main dealer labour charges are astronomic. Don't buy a p38 unless you are an "enthusiast" and can do your own repair jobs.
If you do buy one keep reading this forum, it is a vast source of knowledge and experience.

I have a 1998 DHSE! - although the DHSE never had Memory seats, it is one of the few things they kept to differentiate the V* spec.

Personally I would say look at the condition and history more than the age and the Spec. The DHSE toys are nice but hardly critical.
Not necessarily dealer service history but is it looked after? Mine was owned by a JCB director for three years and that really shows.

One thing not mentioned so much is look at the very front Radiator which is actually the A/C condenser - that is in the main airstream and the first to go.

Also if you possibly can get somebody with diagnostics to interrogate it for logged faults.
I paid £3200 for a 1994 DT auto. That was 2yrs ago and it had full service history then. As has been said condition and mileage are more important than spec. (how long does it take to move a seat back or dim your own mirror??)
dean68uk said:
Is that for the better spec or more reliable? Did you buy yours because of this. Thanks
Hi Dean!

Yes I did buy it, searching for more reability.
Post MY98, have MAF sensor and some modification in the "engine", to reduce overheating problems, water pump have been changed, radiator etc...

The 4 wheel control traction came in MY99, you must have it.

The automatic is more slow in city, but you can live with that, you need to get used to it, It didn´t buy automatic, because I didn´t found one with my budget.

Remap the engine ECU, put more 0,1 to 0,2 BAR in your Turbo, Eliminate you EGR .
But before you do that, check your engine, check your MAP (turbo pressure meter)....

The others "problems" are the same as this brothers V8, EAS, Hevac,rtc.... give a good look in this forum
Good luck
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