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iam on the market to purschase 2007 or 08 Rover sport with over 100k miles

i mostly needed for a winter as a second car, and i drive very few miles usually

i have questions

is range rover sport better or more reliable then range rover HSE ? i like sport look more, seems newer inside and out

what problem should i look for? is it a must to take it to rover specialist?

please let me know everything i should know

Thanks in advance for taking ur time

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Wrote this is response to a previous question on the same subject, I think it helps with your question:

I have owned LR3s with both the 4.2 (early 05 model) 4.4 engine and an 08 RRS/SC with the 4.2 SC engine. I like the 4.2 engine in a Supercharged model - stronger. Which years -- price matters, but the very most important piece is the repair and service record that can be provided. Go with the one with the best record of critical parts being replaced recently and newness of tires, battery, et al. One of these where an anal owner has replaced all tranny and axle lubricants would be a winner in my book.

It would also be useful to know where you live: and where the car was last garaged (Florida and Southern California cars, not confronting Winter, would be better than a snow shoe in Illinois or a bumper car from NYC, wouldn't you think?).

AS for whether a full sized RR or the sport: I liked the sport because of size and nearly perfect commonality with the LR3s I owned. Familiarity makes fixing easier! But full sized owners tend to be wealthier, drive less, more often have a heated garage and are religious about dealer service.

Oh, and any that were smoked in are an automatic, NO!
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