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Bumper to Bumper warranty ending next week

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My 2016 RRS V8's bumper to bumper warranty is ending very soon. I have 49,700 miles and will soon hit 50K on the odometer by next week. I have an appointment for service next week to have a musty smell from my a/c checked and my passenger side one-touch up/down has to be pressed twice sometimes to work. Other than that its been running good (knock-on-wood). Anyone else with high mileage recommend anything I can have checked preventive? I know the dealer will only fix/repair something if it is broken but wondering if anyone had anything go around the 50K mark.
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This is right about the time your suspension parts start to wear. If you feel the ride quality diminished at all I would complain about it.
Also do a thorough check for any oil stains in the engine bay. you'll have to get under the car with a good flash light and check all the bits of pieces. Mild leaks never make it to the ground but stay on part of the car and you might spot something. How's your HVAC? If its not cooling as it used to, I would bring that up too.

All that said, I would highly recommend buying the extended warranty. It's transferable and will really help with resale later too.
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