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Hello and good morning to all. After a recent stint borrowing my folks' sublime LR4 while I was embroiled in a lemon law suit over my non-Land Rover vehicle, I've finally taken the plunge and done something foolish and amazing: Purchased my first Rover, a 1-owner 2006 Range Rover Sport HSE with a 126000 miles on it. I loved the size, ergonomics, LR3/4 shared mechanical design, more austere interior than the '10 refresh, and timelessly understated look of it and am looking forward to getting out there with it. I'm not sure what packages it has as Topix doesn't show details for anything pre-'10, but it does have the rear e-diff, something I was really hoping to find without getting an SC model.


So far...after driving it home, I've found that it only has:
1. The loud clunk underneath
2. A dead rear passenger door lock
3. A dead brake light
4. Dead hood struts
5. No heat coming in on the driver side vents
6. Loose fabric on the A-Pillars.

But with a price tag of only $7500, I figured it was still a good deal. I may be an idiot...or the smartest person ever. :geek:

My lofty goal is to take this guy to the half-million mile club through lots of driving and lots of TLC. We shall see how it goes. One thing is for certain...I probably won't be asking too many questions here, because so far, every issue I've had, has been covered in the forums already, so I may just report on fixes, repairs, and their associated costs.

Anyway, that's it for now, looking forward to this journey :)
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