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Bull bar light bar install question

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I finally was able to source the metal bar that attaches onto the middle section of the factory bull bar to be able to install 2 Hella lights. It looks like I will need to cut some of the outer foam so the bar lays flat against the surface where the bolts attach it to the bull bar. (one bolt on each side that attach the bull bar to the bracket now will also hold the light bar to the bull bar)

Before cutting can someone please confirm this. My bull bar is in really good condition for its age and I don't want to ruin it prematurely by not installing the light attachment correctly.

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I bought a used brush guard that had the bracket for the lights installed. It appears they just cut one slit in the rubber/foam material on each side so the bracket could sort of slide in to where it needs to be. Completely unobtrusive once installed.
So don't cut a section of the foam entirely off but cut a slit and slide it through the slit.

Does this sound right?
Here are are some photos of mine. You’ll see the slot cut at each end to fit the bracket for the lamps.

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