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Due to some crappy circumstances for my customer, I have a built 4.6 Bosch for sale on his behalf.
It's a 2002 motor, with secondary air heads but can install "normal" heads too if it makes the deal happen for him.
Hot tanked and pressure tested.
Line bore on crank and camshaft.
Block decked
Bored .020 over, finish honed for chromoly rings.
Other bits:
Heads (secondary air) hot tanked, pressure tested and surfaced. Relap all valves, test valve spring pressure, new valve seals. Then retest for holding vacuum on the combustion chambers. Mild porting to clean off casting marks.
Crank ground for 10/10 bearings. Ground to each individual bearing so the fit is perfect.
New pistons from England, and new Hastings Chromoly rings.
New pushrods and rocker assemblies. New hardened rocker shafts and billet end supports
Crower level 2 performance camshaft and lifters.
New timing chain set
New oil pump gears.
ARP head studs.
Assembled as a long block, with gaskets for exhaust manifolds etc. Complete to valve covers.

As you can see, not a normal build using the cheapest parts out there that wont last. I do all engines this way, and have yet to have an issue with any of them. Performance is much better in the lower and mid engine ranges.
He has $4k in it, and I am trying to help him out before he moves overseas.
Located in Mo, can ship in the crate it arrived in if you arrange it.
Either post up of PM me for any more details.
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