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brush bar

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I recently had the misfortune of a head on accident...an uninsured, unlicenced feral was speeding up on the wrong side of a dirt road on a mountain and slammed into me aroung a blind corner. He then took off and left me stranded however my eagle eyed wife took down his number plate. The police arrested him several days later but we were approx 2000 km from home on holidays and needed to be sent to a nearby town on a tilt truck. A local panel beater got us mobile again albeit quite bent so that we could resume our holiday. The acident took out the front driver's side fender, bumper bar, grille, lights, inner guard and a whole lot of other parts. It's in at the local panel beater now being brought back to life. The driver's wing of the brush bar took most of the impact and was destroyed however the centre part seems OK. Here in Australia I am having all sorts of problems in sourcing either a second hand bar (new is impossible) or even the damaged wing.

I have noticed in several photos on this site that there appears to be a rubber infill plate where the wings used to be which fills in the gap on the sides of the main bar.

Are these standard parts and if so, does anyone know where I could source them?

By the way, I estimated that the terminal speed at impact was over 100 kmh (he was doing around 70 kmh and I was around 30 kmh). The Rangie was so solid, neither my wife or I felt any of the impact. The flexibility of the brush bar appeared to fling the other car, a small Suzuki 4WD with steel bars front and rear, approx 2 to 3 metres backwards into the side of the mountain. Berfore the accident we were considering parting company with the Rangie due to ongoing reliability issues with the EAS. However, two days before the accident we converted the EAS to springs and OME shocks. The conversion to springs has been a very good investment. Because of the way the Rangie took the impact we now feel that we are in one of the safest 4x4's on the market and intend to keep it for the foreseeable future. I doubt that other 4x4's such as Prado's (which was our preferred choice) would have come off as good.

Great forum and thanks for your help.
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I'm looking for a passenger side wing, so if you find someone selling both wings then we might be able to go halves. Can't imagine shipping across the ditch would be too pricey. And if you decide to sell the passenger side loop please let me know.

no idea where you can source the side blanks.
Sorry to hear about your prang Holden Guy. I'm surprised the Zook got off so lightly. I have a '91 Sierra as a plaything but would not ever want to have a front-ender with my Rangie in it :wink:

Re replacement bits - check with "andrew e" on aulro.com and/or lookup "son_of_bundalene" on eBay.com.au - same bloke. He usually has a few P38A's that he is wrecking, is a top bloke and is located in Western Sydney.

Cheers, Paul.
I'm looking for the left hand loop, and Holden guy is looking for the right hand one.

Been hunting for either. Progress so far:

In NZ:
Motorcorp: none
Top of the Range: none
Stag 4x4: none
RJR: none
Forward specs: none

In UK:
p38spares: none
mm-4x4: email sent

In Aus:
Andrew_e ("son_of_bundalene"): pm sent on aulro, waiting for reply
triumphroverspares.com: email sent (looks like they have plenty of wrecks with them)

Anyone got any suggestions of who else to try, especially down-under.
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My suggestion would also be Triumph Rover Spares in Adelaide.

Also try AMV here in Melbourne, link below:


speak with Luke or Greg.


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Sounds like you're running out of States in Oz with any spare parts or across the Tasman that could be of any assistance dude !

Jordan Rovertech in Perth, Western Australia or "Rovercraft" could also be another option if you have run out of contacts here ?

Give them a go.


'88 Highline
Perth, W.A.
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Spoke to triumphroverspares. They have them in stock. AU$250-350 (depending on condition) +freight.
Thanks for all of your assistance. This is why this forum is the best!!!!
I'm hanging on looking for something cheaper. If I shipped it to NZ I'd land it at retail price. I might be able to ship it to Surfers and get a friend to bring it back with them, but it's still costing a bit much for my RR budget :)
given the wallop you took, maybe a good idea to check the condition of the chassis-body bushes and the general alignment of the body etc, also to rule out chassis cracks ...glad you were not hurt :thumb:
Got the beast back from the panel shop this afternoon. Overall, very happy with the result. The chassis is straight as a die and no cracks or any other damage. Built very solid, these things. I managed to find a driver's side wing for the brush bar from Triumph Spares in Adelaide....$470 including freight. A little steep but they are as scarce as hen's teeth. The wheel alignment was 1mm out on the driver's side which took all of the impact. As mentioned, I'm glad I was in the Rangie and not something else.

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