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Bringing RRS '14 "Eleanor" home in a few days - excited

not many instructions here, read a few entries and followed their lead. After shopping and looking and driving and wondering...finally pulled the trigger and will welcome new addition to our family soon. Truth is my oldest is turning 16 in a few days and I had to move off my X5 so she could take it over....I determined I wanted too much and decided to buy "certified preowned" found a 2014 with a bit less than 14K miles and 8 Pistons, horrible gas mileage and a sweet growl. Basically new....don't know why she smells like doughnuts? but they will finish detailing her out and make a few changes....and I bring her home next Thursday....

If I talked too much on the intro....well, regrets for wasting your time...hope we aren't snobbish here...I'm sort of a regular guy.

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