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If you are thinking of replacing old shocks on your Range Rover 2003-2014 with some reliable components, or upgrading your current shocks to improve performance, shed weight or add adjustability with uncompromising OEM quality Bilstein B4 Series Replacement Air Shock Absorber would be a great find for you! Its a perfect solution to restore the smooth ride you've been missing in your car. Utilizing both twin-tube and monotube technology, these shocks provide an OEM ride quality, while providing excellent comfort and perfect driving characteristics.

Each B4 Air Shock Absorber connects directly to your vehicle's existing electrical receptacles for easy installation and restoration of the original driving feel. Sounds to good to be truth? Watch this video and see yourself how easy the process is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uypcNhz_gpU

B4 Series Replacement Air Shock Absorbers feature constant damping characteristics under any load and proven Bilstein gas pressure technology for maximum traction, precise handling and safety. They are sold one per pack and come in black finish.

Bilstein® - B4 Series Replacement Air Shock Absorber

Read more about Bilstein at CARiD: https://www.carid.com/bilstein/

Don't let leaking or broken air shocks ruin your ride, stay confident with Bilstein B4 Series Replacement Air Shock Absorbers at CARiD!
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