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The engine, gearbox, tyres and brakes need time to bed-in. During the first 800 km (500 miles) it is essential that the vehicle is driven with consideration for the running-in process. During this period adhere to the following advice:
• Limit the engine speed to a maximum of 3000 rpm and the road speed to a maximum of 110 km/h (68 mph).
• Do not use full accelerator pedal travel and use the gears to avoid over-revving or labouring the engine.
• Do not use sport mode during the running-in period.
• Avoid rapid acceleration and heavy braking wherever possible.
• Ensure that servicing is carried out on time and follow any advice regarding use in arduous conditions.
Note: The advice given for running-in will aid fuel economy and should be adopted as general driving practice even after the running-in period.
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