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Brake wear sensor

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With regard the brake wear sensors fitted to the front left and rear right, does anyone know how many wires there are to the sensor, and if the sensor is normally open circuit, closed circuit, resistive or other?

Thank you

Cheers from down under.
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I should have added, ours is the BMW Rangie.

GKP said:
It's a two wire sensor which requires continuity to keep the warning light off. When the sensor wears on the disc (and so to ground), the warning light is lit. If either wire breaks, the warning light is lit. If the sensor is unplugged, the warning light is lit etc.
This is possibly good news. I believe I could actually reinstate my "tripped" sensor by putting some solder on the sensor to make the circuit again. When the solder wears off from the pads being low, it does its trick again and sets off the warning.

I'll have to investigate this further as I'm not 100% sure I will be abole to successfully do this.

It will take about 5 ignition cycles to extinguish the warning light.
I read somewhere that leaving the ignition on for 5 minutes, engine not running, can clear the warning.

I'll post when I have tried my "repair".

Thank you.

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GKP said:
I've repaired my rear sensor like this and it's been fine for the past couple of months. The new one is still in it's box on my desk, the next time I've got the rear wheel off I'll fit it.
I've been advised that a new sensor to us Aussie's is somewhere in the vicinity of $100.00. So I'm not looking at putting a new sensor on if I can find a way of restoring the old one.

I'll have a good look at the sensor in the next couple of days to see if a repair is possible.

Thank you.

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