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Brake warning lights blink

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I can't solve this one. Touch the brake pedal and the three brake warning lights blink on for a split second, the pump runs for a few seconds and the brakes are very poor for the first second,IE no pump pressure. I have replaced the accumulator and the pump.I have bled the system twice.Still no luck. Any ideas welcome.
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My first instinct is to say that you possibly have a bad accumulator still.

But...it could also be that something hasn't been installed quite right. Are you losing any fluid?
Did you replace the accumulator with a used one.... please say no! It could be the pressure switch. I am going to need to rebuild or replace my pump here shortly, its on the way out :oops: .
The accumulator is less than 200 miles used. The pump is from a P38 that I keep for parts and was working perfectly.The accumulator I originally bought new. I have also tried the acc. that was on the pump and again working on the spare P38. I'm stumped!
I'm not a specialist, but from what I've read on other posts, it sounds like the pressure switch. One more thing, does it make a clicking noise when you brake and is there any other unusual behavior?

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