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Brake question.

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I've got a 1999 range rover 4.0 SE just wanted to know if anyone has ever had this brake issue. Brakes were working fine and one day I noticed brake fluid on the ground. Looking under the hood it appears to be coming out the top of the resivior. I can sit in the drive way and pump the brakes all day long without it spewing out the top. But when I drive around the block and park it starts to leak out the top again. Any ideas?
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How much fluid are you putting in it? With the pressurised system once the ignition is on the pump takes fluid out of the reservoir and stores it in the accumulator. With the ignition off, the fluid returns to the reservoir. So if you are filling it to the max with the ignition on, it is overfilled.
That's the strange thing. I hadn't serviced it. It just appeared one day. And it's been doing it since.
I guess I could take some fluid out and see what happens.
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