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Problem-- Lost all brake fluid out of front right caliper.
I think this has caused some sort of proportioning valve to block off the brake line to either that wheel or the two front wheels. Still had brakes but very low pedal.

Now it can't be bled and pedal just goes right down.

Anyone know what the procedure or trick is to reset this valve and get fluid flowing to the repaired caliper?

On a search here I found one that seems like it might work.

<The danger is, if you change only one side then push the pedal to the floor, the little piston in the switch connected to the two brake circuits will move toward the one with low back pressure ( the side where the piston needs to move the pad a long distance). This can also happen if you waited until after both sets of pad were changed. When this happens it thinks that the brake line in that circuit is broken and leaking. The switch piston moves to shut off that brake circuit ( circuits are usually front left & rear right one circuit, front right & rear left other circuit). This causes only 2 wheels to have their brakes applied and long stops. But, this is better than pumping all the fluid out the broken line and having no brakes.
Should you by accident move the piston during brake replacement it must be re-centered, usually by opening the opposite brake bleeder and pushing the pedal down until the light goes out.>

I don't think it goes in an X like he says but either both front or both rear.

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