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Brake Job, opinions?

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Took the 05 RR to a local chain tire store in Michigan, Belle Tire, as the check brake pad light came on a few days ago. The dealer, for Land Rover parts and installation of rotors and pads for front only, was I kid you not $989.43 USD. Bought aftermarket and with installation was $560.00 which although relatively expensive needed to be done. Now, the front rotors were replaced at 24,000 as well as the front pads. The front rotors and pads were replaced at 47,000 and now, at 71,000. Still have 20% life left in the back rotors. 3 replacements! My other truck is a Toyota 4Runner and man that thing is hassle-free.

Now the brake pads are warrantied for 10 years and/or 100,000 from now with the rotors warrantied for 24K miles or 2 years, including installation. Not a bad deal for a wear and tear item. After three LR parts, we'll give these a shot.

Problem is, the light is still on. I watched the tech put it on; it's on secure; brought out RAVE print out too, always best to be prepared. Everything appeared correct. Perhaps the aftermarket parts have a problem communicating via sensor? So, anyone know how to turn the light off in a 2005? It popped on three days ago. Apparently, the front sensor was defective because the rotors were at < 5%. Not good. Could it be the back pads triggering the back sensor? The 2003-2004 "trick" using the control panel does not work.

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This was covered just a little while ago. You need to replace the sensor (which is permanently damaged to trigger the light) and all will be well with the world again.
Actually, this method: http://www.roverupgrades.com/Range_Rove ... menus.html

Works for 2005 too! Very cool.
Out of interest, where in Mi are you? I can help with you do a lot of jobs rather than paying the dealer a fortune if you're close.
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