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Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a 2012 RRS. I noticed last week that there was a loud squealing coming from what sounded like my front, driver side, brake. I immediately got it back to my house which I was only about 3 blocks away. The car sat in my garage for about a week while I was out of town. When I came back and went to drop it off at my local non Range Rover specific shop I heard no noise at all and braking seemed to be perfectly fine. I was almost sure it was the brake caliper piston that was locked up, but the shop just called me and said they didn't see anything wrong with it, but recommended I get new calipers and pads for $650 as they were worn. I bought this from a dealer and they noted that that the brakes were at least satisfactory and I've only put maybe 300 miles on it. Has anyone had a brake caliper lock and unlock like that and is there anything different with the calipers on a RRS as opposed to other vehicles? Probably a dumb question, but I wasn't able to take it to the local shop that specialized in RR and I'm a little worried.

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