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Changing to braided brake line is one of the more popular mods among Harley-Davidson owners, not as much for performance as it is for looks.
Unlike the Harley's ornamental display of brake lines & throttle cables the Rover keeps it's brake lines concealed and out of sight, so there's no bling effect.
Unless you have brake lines that are very aged & dry rotting, I don't think there would be any improvement in performance. If your brake lines are shot, they would contribute to a relatively spongey feel, and changing to steel braid lines would firm-up the pedal feel. Of course, air in the lines would give a spongey feel too, so bleeding the brakes would give a more noticable imporvement.
I would certainly change to braided, but ONLY if the brake lines were truely in need of replacement, and I can't think of a single vehicle I've ever owned (including my Harley & Triumph, or any other bike I've owned) that has ever really needed the brake lines replaced.
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