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Bosch seats in GEMs

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I have an Alpine White 1996 that I've been working on for a winter vehicle. I've noted that the seats were not nearly as comfortable as my 2000 H+H.

Looked and there is a Rhino edition in the junk yard near me with complete interior, any reason why I wouldn't be able to switch the seats and probably door cards?
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First, want your junkyard here!
This was just covered.......Should be no problem. The newer seats will have side airbags, so you will have nowhere to plug them in.
The plugs are self shorting. If you wish to cut them off, solder the ends together, and tape up (Keep the airbags from triggering accidentally)
Otherwise, the other plugs should be the same.
You could confirm by looking in Rave and comparing plugs and pin outs.
Glad to hear, Bolt.

Look around your area! I've seen plenty of cool trucks. 1993 RRC on air, Borrego AA yellow P38, Rhino, and a few rust free Discos which is rare for the midwest..

I did do the search option for seats, didn't see it. I suppose I'm not on this forum enough, the 38s are only my project cars...

I'm hoping when I get there I don't find the interior taken!

Thank you for the tip on the air bags, I will keep the wires intact in case I ever choose to sell the seats/cards.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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