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I find all of this a bit peculiar. Normally things only arc if the wires are very far gone. Insulation gaps indicate you have some wrong components in there, everything should fit snug to the point that you cannot get the darn things off.

The coil generates high voltage which travels down the leads to eventually arc out to earth at the (correct plug). The gap at distributor arm and the plug is small and very easy for the electricity to jump over which will be by far the preferred path for the electricity to take. Arching elsewhere would indicate that either there is an earth closer by and/or the path to earth via the spark plug is severely hindered.

Distance is a relative thing for electricity. Most likely your normal path is hindered and grown 'long' dt

-broken coil (internal short etc)
-badly degraded wire(s) excessive resistance.
-completely out of sync distributor (large gap)
-broken distributor arm (fairly common I believe)
-wasted spark plugs
-poor engine earth,

Although it does not make a difference in engine running, when you change plugs you need to consider either resistor plus or resistor wires, not both or neither. This will impact electrostatic interference on electric systems such as radio etc.

There are not that many items in the system and most can be measured. Follow the path the electricity is meant to travel and buy parts which are know correct for the Range Rover application. Don't be scared to look beyond your local parts supplier. The UK is a good source for parts, much cheaper with fast and affordable shipping.
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