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Hello all, This is my first post, so be gentle! 8-0=

Some very interesting reading in this forum….thanks for all your experiences.

(I would have signed up before now…but I just couldn’t decrypt the confirmation codes correctly…any my eyesight is perfect!) :dance:

I have recently purchased a 2007MY Vogue SE TDV8 and encountered the dreaded Bluetooth pairing problem with my nokia (it asks to pair every time).
I did ask the garage I bought the car from to upgrade the software before I took ownership….but did they listen…or even try…no. :crybaby2:

My neighbour has a 2006 Vogue and he had the same problem and the Bluetooth software upgrade (LTB00095) worked a treat and it works fine with my nokia too..and his was done under warranty. :thumb:

I have now been to two Main dealer garages and neither can get the upgrade to work, I’m not even sure they made it as far as getting to the phone section. Fortunately neither charged me for their failed efforts. :shhh:

So I have a few questions

1) Is there anyone near central Scotland who has faultmate or whatever is required to attempt to upgrade my XVJ500046 nokia module?

2) If the upgrade fails or isn’t possible…if I buy the replacement LR010608 module for £200…is that plug and play or do I need to visit a dealer to configure/flash the software before it will work?

2.1) I suppose I should ask a sub question to 2..…is LR010608 the latest part (appears to be equivalent of XVJ500420)

3) If I can’t get the Bluetooth to work properly…I’m tempted to see if I can reverse engineer a BMW docking cradle since it has the same cradle connections albeit in a different position…has anyone tried that?

Thanks in advance for all your assistance.

Donald. `)
Perthshire, Scotland
2007 Vogue SE TDV8, Stornoway Grey, Ivory, Privacy, Towbar

2013-2015 Range Rover Sport
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Hello Donald. DId you get any help reverse engineering the BMW cradle?

Best Regards

John Killengreen

Oslo Norway
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