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I have a 2012 Evoque and the bluetooth has been kinda flaky, but it worked.

Recently I brought my Evoque to a local mechanic to get an oil change and some other miscellaneous stuff, and I mentioned to the tech that the 'Service Required' message appeared whenever I stared the vehicle.

So (no kidding) he searched on YouTube for 'how to clear service light' and found a video.
He held down a few buttons and the message went away.

I didn't think anything of it (except next time I'll go to a Land Rover specialist).

A few days later I noticed my Android phone (Samsung Note 5) no longer connected to the Evoque.
If I try to connect via Bluetooth from the CAR to the phone, the car reports back that no devices are found.

If I try to connect via Bluetooth from the PHONE to the car, the car name appears in the list (on my phone) and I go through the pairing process (entering a PIN of my choice). After a few moments the phone says that it is paired. However, ON THE EVOQUE, it says no devices are connected. But after a few minutes the music will start playing through the car speakers. So it's connected, but the car doesn't acknowledge the phone is connected.

Thinking it *may* be an issue with my Android phone, I tried my wife's iPhone 7. The exact same thing happens. Connect from Car to Phone fails. The car does not see the phone. Connect from Phone to Car says it works, but the phone doesn't appear in the list of devices (on the car), but a few minutes later the sound will start playing through the car speakers.

It's very frustrating. I've tried resetting both phones (one Android and one iPhone), and I've of course restarted the car many times.

Any idea why this would have happened? I suspect it is related to my local mechanic's YouTube reset, but how do I undo what he did?

I don't notice anything else has changed on the navigation/command system on the Evoque. The only thing that appears to have stopped working is Bluetooth.

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I seriously doubt that a service minder reset had any impact on anything bluetooth related. I certainly have never heard of a way to undo a service reset, not why that would even be developed. You say the bluetooth has been flakey... did you register a complaint when the car was new/under warranty? If you have a registered complaint with LR that it has had this issue ongoing then you may be able to receive service for THAT issue. If you have not made an ongoing issue known while under warranty you will have no recourse through LRNA. Easiest first step would be to disconnect the module and make sure the connections are spotlessly clean and seat firmly.
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