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Blower Motor

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First, I want to say thanks to everyone who posts here, I have been able to find the answers to all of my questions the past 5 years without having to register or post - so thank you

The car, 2000 P-38 4.0

Now, for the problem: The air conditioning system is not working anywhere near as good as it should! I have a left hand blower motor that is not running and my wife is complaining as we live in the Mojave desert
- Pollen filters are on order - I cleaned the ones in there until they arrive - they were filthy
-Relay 7 has been replaced after looking through the relay bin at Autozone (duralast 19899 fit perfectly)
--There appears to be only minor damage to the fuse box even though the relay was burned out.
-I checked with a test light, and there is voltage to the red wire that goes into the blower motor

Is it possible that I am not getting enough amps to run the blower through the line even though the test light goes on? it was an LED test light
Is there a way to tell if the blower motor is burnt out or if it is just a bad fuse box?

Any help on narrowing down the problem and fixing this would be appreciated. My wife loves the car and I just installed headrest monitors for the kids, so I would really like to get this fixed ASAP

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I had the same issue a while ago, new blower and still wouldn't run, new relay didn't do it. the connector in the fuse-box wasn't clamping the relay pin hard enough to make a connection, I put a Z bend in the tabs on the relay- voila! blower runs....

Just put in a new fuse-box to cure the issue correctly... now on to the next problem...
Beanbean, you forgot about "the fermentation of fruit or grain"

To get mine out I ended up breaking the shaped plastic conduit for the wiring loom that blocked the exit by 1/4"... I think with more patience I could've got it out but didn't happen...
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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