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Blower fan question

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Hi All,

First post here. I have a '93 LWB and the fan works at low speed but not high speed. Electrical stuff is magic to me so I have someone looking at it. He thinks the fans are fine and that the switch is O.K., but he does not know where the relays are for the fan. I have the schematic from my '88, but its not helping him locate the relays. Anyone know where they are or have other suggestions?


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fuse for fans is c-9, relays for heater and ac fans are on pass footwell behind panel, but your problem sounds like resistor,located in pass side hood vent ( louvers in front of windshield ) this location allows resistor to be cooled . lots of fun to replace. The first thing you need is an owners manual, the second is to download rave manual and study, although I prefer turning pages of paper manual, its much easier to cross refference.also rave is for 95 model year which is slightly different, especialy electrical. spend $100 on the manual and that will get you used to how expensive these cars are.
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