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If your like me you cant stand seeing your bike being rained on, much less stolen. So heres the answer.

Go to your local hardware store, not Home Depot or Lowes, and buy a white paint marker and a 2x4.

Go to your bike shop and buy a fork mount, should run you $20

Now get your helper and a drill, Sharpie, tape measure, drill bits, saw, and two screws to mount the fork mount.

First step is to cut the board to 41in, put a mark 20.5in in the middle of the board. Mount the fork mout in the center of the board using your mark. Now you just flip up your back seats and set the rack in. No bolting required.

Now take the paint marker and mark on your seatpost where you like it and then let it all the way down. Now your saddle wont tear your headlinner.

So heres before

And after

You can also lock your bike in for more protection

Hope you enjoy
1 - 2 of 2 Posts