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alright fella's me again with my problem stricken rr, on driving it home the temp guage would go from half to full but never hitting the red (all this time the heaters and blowers were on max) and when i took it to a mates garage i took the expansion tank cap off, it did release a bit water and pressure but not rediculous amounts, and ever since it goes into the red once warmed up and doesnt like to cool down so i have to switch it off, there is no obvious signs of headgasket failure, i did notice that one side of the rad was cold and one side was hot but that was not always the case, sometimes it was all hot, when i removed the rad it was covered in the previous owners last 4x4 trip :twisted: so rad was taken out and flushed through but yet to refit as i snapped the little return pipe on the top and i have found a replacement and that will be fitted today, but when i refit it whats the best way to burp the system?
thanks in advance ppl
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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