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FWIW, I'm a tire guy, and I won't bore you with the years of moaning about the lack of good 19" off road wheels. (have settled with the dedicated off-road wheel set with Goodyear Duratracks, miss the MTR's I could get for a few years -- where's the triple ply sidewall and Kevlar!).

I have the Summer 20" wheel set back on, but had a great experience with my first ever studded snows. Bought Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8's. The concept of a pillow under the stud that cushions them when on dry roads seems very sound. Almost no wear first snow season.

Living in the foothills above Boulder, CO, I now wonder how I ever went without studs. The control and confidence were amazing. I was pushed to finally get studded snows with my 17 year old daughter driving on our often snow/ice packed roads to town. The cost is easily off-set by the lack of winter accidents/deductables I experience in my youth and with my three older sons.

Anyway, think about it next winter, and check out the new pillow technology, makes sense and proved more than a marketing gimmick.
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