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Best Mother's Day evah!

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Picked up a gorgeous R-Dynamic P380. I'm in love. Fuji white (preferred Yulong but wasn't a deal-breaker) with acorn interior (absolute hill to die on. Can't do black in AZ). While it may not have had all the options I wanted it was so close and the price made up for it. What it doesn't have can be done aftermarket (such as the black roof which the dealer will be wrapping for me)

My likes so far are ease of use. I'm in rental cars for work constantly and I've struggled with other manufacturers' media and climate control interfaces but as fancy/techy as this one seems, I found it really easy. I'm totally digging the performance.

Quirks? Need to have the headlights looked at. My husband noticed on the drive home last night that they didn't seem leveled with each other. Is that how it's supposed to be? He said they were cock-eyed.

I'm excited to get it in for the wrap. She also needs a detail. Most importantly - she needs a name!

Again, any input regarding the headlights are greatly appreciated.
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So, about the headlights...the drivers side light may, in fact, be intentionally aimed different than passenger. Driving on the right side of the road, the oncoming traffic will be protected by adjusting the drivers side slightly lower and to the right, or, shoulder. Perhaps more accurately stated, better vision down the road can be achieved by aiming the passenger side slightly up down the shoulder of the road. This adjustment has been in practice for sometime.

I used to nickname our family vehicles when I was little and through high school. After being discouraged by not being able to name some and crappy names for others I guess I got too old to name cars anymore(42yrs old). I feel I am in the cars I want to keep so I felt the need to name again. I have an 04 disco I have modified and in search of a screen name that was original I used Disco Biscuit. My 04 Disco is now “The Biscuit”. I have an 09 extended cab Chevy Silverado I call “Cholo”. My new vehicle I want to keep in my life is a 2012 Supercharged Full Size RR. We started calling it “Higgins” for some reason and so it stuck.

I don’t know if this is your first Land Rover but I hope you enjoy it. I found my 2012 for my wife to drive. Run it off road and your husband will try to claim it soon too!
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