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Best Mother's Day evah!

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Picked up a gorgeous R-Dynamic P380. I'm in love. Fuji white (preferred Yulong but wasn't a deal-breaker) with acorn interior (absolute hill to die on. Can't do black in AZ). While it may not have had all the options I wanted it was so close and the price made up for it. What it doesn't have can be done aftermarket (such as the black roof which the dealer will be wrapping for me)

My likes so far are ease of use. I'm in rental cars for work constantly and I've struggled with other manufacturers' media and climate control interfaces but as fancy/techy as this one seems, I found it really easy. I'm totally digging the performance.

Quirks? Need to have the headlights looked at. My husband noticed on the drive home last night that they didn't seem leveled with each other. Is that how it's supposed to be? He said they were cock-eyed.

I'm excited to get it in for the wrap. She also needs a detail. Most importantly - she needs a name!

Again, any input regarding the headlights are greatly appreciated.
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First, congrats on the new vehicle!

Second, regarding the headlights not being level, are you saying that you can clearly see that either the left or right headlight beam is higher than the other or are they criss-crossed? I have noticed this on my 07 RR, and noticed the same thing on my '16 F150, that my driver's side light was aimed approximately 6" lower @ 20ft than the other one. My best guess was that it had to do with trying to keep light within your lane as to not completely blind oncoming traffic.
Thanks for the input! I was following behind my husband on the freeway and he said one headlight looked it was pointing higher than the other. Maybe it is what you suggested. We will keep an eye out.

Attached some pics for fun. Still searching for that name but her nickname may just be miracle whip. ? Post detail and roof wrap pics to come.


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Thanks for your insight on the lights. We haven't checked on them since my previous post.

Not sure if I'm ready for off road just yet (though I love watching other people take theirs off road).

As far as naming - never too old. I'm not far off from you in age. And Yes - my first LR. I her. This Rover is 10 years in the making.


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