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Best diagnostic tool to program fob AND shank?

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Looking at both iLAND and IIDTool by GAP. I have a 2005 LR3 neutered (coilovers) as well as my '14 RR Sport SC dynamic. The thing that pushed me toward purchase is the cost and hassle to program some additional key fobs I bought on Amazon for the RR Sport. The LR dealer is not close. I have a locksmith who claims he can do it, but figured I would apply the savings toward a tool I can use to diagnose and repair things in the future. I was surprised to learn in the AB iLAND video that it only programs the FOB for entry? It will not allow you to start your vehicle. The IIDTool seems to be able to do both - but I understood it might need to be an genuine OEM key for your vehicle.

My locksmith has already programmed 2 aftermarket key fobs and cut the blades for my LR3 and they worked perfectly. Atlantic British said in the video NO diagnostic tool can program keys except the dealer. Obviously, that is not true. So, my question. Do any of the diagnostic tools available under $600 support non OEM keys and shank/valet blade programming?

Here are my sources on programming keys...

IIDTool BT (see key programming)
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Not true I have personally programmed keys on range rover. I use the icarscan from launch and it works great.

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