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Been offered a very low miles classic

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I've been offered a 1982, Manual, RHD, 3 door, 3.5 petrol with just 6000 miles.

Car will need some work to bring to to a standard that will reflect the miles as its been unused for a while.

Is this model/year/gearbox a good combo or should I be avoiding like the plague! Also, any ideas on the value?

Thank you
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Is this in a rust free area? I assume it has been in storage. Early Range Rovers were not exactly built to last, they rust badly, the mechanics and electrics are temperamental, engine + carb are poor and the build quality is shoddy. Not having any rust is a VERY good start, mechanics can always be revived but can be time consuming and expensive. Electrics are relatively simple, just poorly put together. The window seals etc are now hard to get (= expensive). Sagging headliner is relatively easy to fix

Having said all of that, I bought a 41k miles 1983 RR V8 auto loaded with AC/electric windows, etc. Rust free but disassembled engine original Texas import. No rust anywhere. So far I have sank about $8k in incl tires/battery/EFI/Fuel tank/radiator/alternator/starter/all engine parts/windowseals/interior parts/etc/etc.

Since it is a RHD, if you can get it for a good price and it is rust free it would be worth advertising it in the UK (England) somebody might just be looking for that and willing to come an collect. Good restored 3 door cars ones can go for $100k.

Mine is a LHD and they go for good money in France where I expect I will be moving to in a year or two. So I tell my wife it is in investment :)
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Thanks for the reply gents.

Car runs and is located in a hot climate so rust not a big issue.
Nonetheless, I'll be budgeting for an extensive recommission and paint/interior.

I'm based in the UK and car will be shipped here if I go ahead with the deal.

Will let you all know what I decide and how I get on.
If the South is Texas and you are shipping through Galveston (to Southampton) I have done that before and used a Southampton Shipping Agent that I was very happy with.. Let me know if you need assistance.
Mhh, might be low mileage, but not exactly pristine condition. Just looking at it quickly looks like has had a lot of 'modifications', which in the far east (I know I lived there) means hacks that are costly to fix and restore.

Few just by looking at pictures:

- quite a few holes in the dash, expect wiring mess
- Instrument binnacle partly opened up, mileage suspect
- Looks like seat bases are swapped or something (back rest lever should be on the inside) also how come the seatbelt buckle is on the outside? rubbing of seat side to door cards is a little odd. In fact my 83 has different door cards altogether, but is a 4 door might be different.
- No head rest cushions, factory AC or Electric windows? I would think the Sultan could afford a higher specc'ed vehicle? Maybe it was the Sultan's Gardener.
- Front bumper not original - accident damage?
- Air filter housing missing (how long has it been running without?)
- Rear lower gate i suspect is not original. No rear mat fitted, including on base and wheel arches
- Side rubbing missing, I expect this car has had a respray
- Discovery wheels (rims)?

Given that this is Far East don't expect to get a time capsule, garaged model. With evidence the car has been 'worked on' there will be a lot of surprises. They are really ingenious in making things work and it does not involved original parts or instruction manuals.

Good luck!
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1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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