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Been offered a very low miles classic

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I've been offered a 1982, Manual, RHD, 3 door, 3.5 petrol with just 6000 miles.

Car will need some work to bring to to a standard that will reflect the miles as its been unused for a while.

Is this model/year/gearbox a good combo or should I be avoiding like the plague! Also, any ideas on the value?

Thank you
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Yup, was in Brunei but now in Singapore. Its an ex Sultan car.

How does the general condition look to you Classic fans?
Tailgate(s) look like they're in great shape. No rust on the firewall it seems either. Cloth fabric seems a little used but it'll clean up.

But it could still certainly be a well restored truck with 106,000 miles or more.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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