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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Hi All,

Well after doing my due diligence, researching companies and blogs about the best possible person, or company to send my BeCM to for repair, I decided to go with Scotty and his BeCM doctors company. I was able to get everything together and mailed him my BeCM and ECU for my 1997 RR HSE a long with a spare box that I had in my 2000 RR HSE. After only a few minutes of writing my last thread, I had received responses advising me to to go with Scotty, and a phone call from the man himself shortly after. After having so many issues with my 1st P38 and all of it's issues, I'm confident and feel great about my decision in going with BeCM doctor, I can not wait to get my unit back and install it. Scotty, has been a god sent so far, his website worked perfectly and I was able to order the repairs straight from my phone. He's been professional, responsive and a lot of help thus far and I am happy to have given him my business. Not a lot of people want to work on these old p38 out here in AZ, so I don't trust my truck to many people but, with all of the readers and information on here and networking with folks that also have these trucks, I'm feeling better and better about sticking with my Range Rover.

Thanks again to Scotty and all the folks on Range Rovers.net, keep posting tips and advice on here, it helps out more than you know!

Merry Christmas and have a happy New year!

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