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The independent shop recently repaired the rear park distance sensors.

The harness is secured to the body with a clip that inserts into a square hole under the bumper.

Over the weekend, I had a 'Christmas in July' event where all the warning lights came on repeatedly, along with error messages. On advice of another forum member (the car was really heat soaked to about 100F), I put in a new battery.

The PDSs stopped working a few days ago, and I hoped it was just a low voltage condition, and function would be restored with a new battery.

I put the car in reverse after installing the new battery, and the PDSs were still malfunctioning.

As the problem before was in the rear, I checked there.

The harness (both from the car and to the sensors) and the connectors attaching to both had slipped loose and were literally toasted by the exhaust stream.

I called the shop, they checked who worked on the car and said he had been fired already!

They're taking full responsibility and will get it sorted out.

But if you ever pull the rear bumper and work on the PDS wiring bundles, make sure they are secured and won't get toasted too.

To prevent further damage, I zip tied the wires to the chassis so it won't melt any further.
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