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Hello, I have a 2000 Land Rover (Holland & Holland), the battery went out so I replaced it no problem. Truck started just fine, was able to reset all the windows but the sunroof and driver side window. Turned truck off locked the doors with the key fob. Now the key fob won’t work so I have to unlock the door with the key. When I try to start the alarm goes off. Dealership said this is a BCM. What do you think?


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Deb, it is actually BeCM, Body electrical Control Module. Additionally please post P38 questions in the the P38 tech section.

Dealers don;t know anything about P38s any more. They detest P38s due to the fact that most techs these days have zero knowledge and know even less for finding helpful info. Your BeCM is NOT your issue. They are wanting to take you for hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. Find an independent British shop in your area. This could be as simple as lost sync with your remote or it could be a failed drivers door latch not allowing sync or thinking your rig has been stolen. Please, do not let the dealer explore options with your checkbook.

I will move this to the correct section.
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