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Hi Guys,
I am having a problem with a 2004 Range Rover, and think I have narrowed it down to the BCM Being bad.

Last week I ordered and received the All Comms from RSW, and it works great, I was able to connect to the computer, no problem.

The issue came up at first, because I had an oil leak that took me a long time to get to, so it sat for about a month, and the battery went dead. So after this happened, I charged it and got it running again, but the windshield wipers, keyless entry, interior door locks, rear lower door all stopped working.

After reading, I thought it would be something with the programming. Sure enough, I ordered the RSW All Comms, went in to the program, and found that the BCM was in Transport mode, along with a lot of other errors.

So I took it out of transport mode, corrected the errors, did all of that. Also replaced the battery and did the voltage checks shown in the sticky, and everything there checks out. All fuses are good too, checked every single one in the back, and inside of the glove box.

So first, does anyone have an idea what this might be, besides just a BCM That went bad?

And second, if I replace with a new BCM, can I program it with the All Comms tool? And would there be any other issues that pop up, like keys not working or anything?

I did email Storey to ask but have not heard back yet, I am sure he is busy or did not see the email, but his site is great, and I would recommend this tool to anyone. Already have the EAS Reset and it works great.

If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know.


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Re: BCM Replacement, can it be programmed with the RSW AllComms?

Before you replace it, try and put the BCU into transport mode, and then take it back out.

I have no experience with the AllComms, but it is rare for the BCU to lock itself into transport, it does happen, but not that often.

The issue is that it doesn't fully enter transport mode, just defaults some of the systems, so just removing it may not always work, as it can get hung up trying to remove transport mode from something that isn't in transport mode.
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