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Battery light flashing intermittently...

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Drove out to the restaurant tonight, and red "battery" light on the dash was flashing intermittently. It would flash for 1 second....then go off for about 15 seconds, then quickly flash again, and so on. It seemed to flash more frequently when under power (1500rpm+), and less - or not at all - when at idle (stopped at the light). I read posts about alternator, and replacement options, but want to know what might be causing it to intermittently flash, and how can I test the alternator? Battery is brand new Bosch 1100cca. Truck 2003, 98xxx miles, 4.4L gasoline. No other error messages. Thanks
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If you aren't getting 14.2V or more at the battery when the engine is running, then you have a likely issue with the alternator.
since you have the BMW, it's likely the alternator -- even though it's a picture of a battery - in BMW terms it means the alternator

I got about 95,000 miles out of my alternator on my M3 - and only about 45k miles on the RR before it left me stranded in the ghetto at 3:00 am in the wonderful Range Rover
Your Alternator is going. Although it looks difficult to change out, it really isn't that hard, and will save you about $500 in labor. Oh and mine lasted just over 155K... We were stranded about 25 miles from home, by recharging the battery with jumpers we were able to get home. I recharged the battery. It died the next day, with out running the Rove. So it turned out that it was a diode in the alternator sucking off the battery power.

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