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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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I'm battling with some sort of electrical gremlin. Truck is a 2006 SC, so I don't think the infamous FSR or the wiring harness is the issue.

It seems to drain after about 4 days, then can start (but with a lot of difficulty). Otherwise, everything on this car works fine. Battery has been tested and they say its fine.

I put my clamp-on meter over the positive output of the battery. Seems to pull about 300mA after the car is quiescent. That seems like it probably is a pretty good hint something is wrong. I put the meter over the positive side of the back fuse box and read zero. I put the meter over the wire that comes from the battery into the engine bay, and it appears to read zero, though the reading seems noisier than I would like (why is that there, BTW?)

Any theories or next steps to suggest?
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